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MVD TG014 IPHONE Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 4S


Feature- Specially Design For Smartphone With No Effect On Touch And After Removal Also. 1.True Transperency´╝ÜThe Glass Thickness Of 0.3 Mm.It Made With Chemically Treated, High Transparent Tempered Glass. There Is No Loss Of Screen Resolution Or Touch Sensitivity. 2.Round Edge (2.5d) : The Rounded And Beveled Edges Of Glass Provide A Very Comfortable Surface To Grip. 3.Surface Hardness : 9h the Surface Of The Tempered Glass Screen Protector Has A Hardness Of 9h, Three Times Stronger Than Regular Pet Film. Even Sharp Objects Such As Keys And Knives Will Not Scratch The Glass. 4.Anti Shatter :When Broken, Its Shatterproof Function Breaks Into Small Pieces That Are Not Sharp, Which Prevents Damage To Both Your Smart Phone Screen And Your Fingers. 5.Smudge-Resistant :Ultra Oleopobic Resistance Features An Oil-Resistant Coating To Prevent Smudges Resulting From Oil, Cosmetics, And Other Contaminants. 6.100% Bubble Free Silicon Adhessive: Extremely Easy Installation Process With Absolutely No Bubbles. Package - 1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector - 1 Soft Cleaning Cloth - 1 Screen Cleaning Alcohol Pad
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Rs. 220
Rs. 220