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HEADSET UBEST Immersive Sound- Comfortable Fit UBEST "Play Series" US-H6 Hifi Sound Earphones w


UBest "Play Series" US-H6 is Earphone for Music, gives New Feelings to your music entertainment. This Headphone (In-Ear) comes with Hifi sound Effect, Clear Human Voice, Noise Isolation with Precise bass so that the lowest of music sound is not missed by you. This Music Headset, drivers are built to reproduce Perfect Soundtrack and will bringing you an unbelievable High Quality sound and High-Resolution Audio. US-H6 Music Headphone (In-Ear), sound isolation allows you to enjoy music or continue with your conversation at busy areas like railway station, bus station, malls or busy market places. This Wired Earphone, you get a High-quality headset with a disturbance-free experience. This Premium Earphone has been acoustically and egonomically designed for a superior listening experience. This Wired In-Ear Earphone has an in built mic which captures your voice and removes all outside obstruction so that you sound is audible to the other side. USH10 Wired Headphone (In-Ear) comes with Music Control and Call Answ
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