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Philips AZ302/98 Boom Box


Going camping with your friends next weekend? This boombox will make your evenings more enjoyable as you savour barbecues around your campfire. This battery powered audio system has a compact and portable design that makes it easy to carry along. Dynamic Bass Boost The two built-in metal grille finish speakers give you a dynamic bass boost, making the campfire experience with your friends more enjoyable. Dance, party and enjoy the night away with all your favourite tracks playing. Compatible With CDs, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs You can use this boombox to play music from CDs, MP3 CDs or CD-R/RW. This makes it very convenient if you have music in different formats. Shuffle/ Repeat Function Press shuffle or repeat to change the order of your tracks. Hearing all your tracks playing in the same order again and again can be so boring. Line-In Connection This boombox has a built-in line-in-jack that lets you connect your audio system to any portable MP3 player, letting you hear all your favourite tracks in superb sound quality. FM/MW Tuner With an FM/MW tuner, the boombox lets you tune into your favourite radio station.
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