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mino Smart Insole


MINO Run Worry Free - The Shoe Life Tracker If you run on a regular basis, try to keep track of the mileage on the shoe. Most people of normal weight and gait should get about 400 miles out of a pair of shoes. If you are heavier you may only get as little as 250 miles out of them.Running or exercising in worn out shoes leads to an increase in the rate of occurrence of foot, knee and hip injuries.Don't outrun your shoes!TRAIN WORRY FREE - THE mino SHOE LIFE TRACKER INSERT KNOWS EXACTLY WHEN YOUR RUN SHOES ARE WORN OUTThe mino seamlessly fits under your sock-liner or insole and shows you how much life is left of your running shoe.•Install in new shoes and run•No calibration, sync-ing, or recharging•Comfortable and weighs almost nothingThe mino automatically tracks your new shoe's life with a tiny microchip and shows you when your shoes need to be replaced. The extremely soft foam shapes to your shoe so you won't feel it. Place it under the sock liner of your new running shoe and go for a run. It automatically turns on and off, so you can run worry-free. Once in a while lift the sock liner and check if your ready for the next run.Frequently Asked QuestionsHow does mino know when my run shoes are worn out?The mino is calibrated to count 400 miles worth of compressions to the mid-sole of your shoe. When we did our research, manufacturers suggest swapping out full cushion shoes anywhere between 300-500 miles. They design run shoes to be worn out about that many miles. We split the difference and took 400. We count compressions vs miles b/c each runner is different and can wear through shoes at a different pace. Each mile is counted at 600 steps per mile, which is the average amount of steps a runner makes (taking into account height, weight, gait length, etc etc). Some take more, some take less. We took the average. There are 6 progressive LED’s that light up once you hit a certain amount of compressions per the miles you have run. We count walk steps and run steps differently in the algorithm and average it all out b/c we have found some people walk and run in the shoes (and cross-train). We recommend every 3-4 weeks, lift up the sock liner, press and hold the blue “O” on mino to display the lights and see how far along you are. How thick is mino?The current mino is about 2.5mm thick, and weighs under 1/2oz, BTW. You can’t feel it when running at all. However, we realize that running bio mechanics is a game of mm so we provide a “spacer” for the other shoe to make sure everything is in sync while running/walking. Some use it. Some don’t. We let the user decide. Is mino reusable? No. The mino is good for the life of one shoe only. We did this on purpose because we weren’t sure if the user would want to go through the hassle of recharging/resetting it, plus to keep the cost down on production. Do I need a mino in both shoes?No, so long that you take both feet with you while you run? Kidding, the mino can go in one shoe and tracks both shoes at once. The included spacer keeps you level. Does it matter which shoe I put mino in?No. The mino can go in any shoe. Left or right, New Balance, Asics, Mizuno, etc. It’s good for all shoes and any runner/walker. Does mino work if I run on a treadmill?Yes! Wherever you run/walk, the mino works!Can I custom set my mino if I like to replace my shoes at shorter, or longer, distances?There is a blue, green, yellow and a red. The red is calibrated at the 400 mile mark. If you like to change your shoes a little earlier than 400 miles, you can change them out when the yellow lights turns on (350 miles). Once you hit the red light, the mino will still function, but it won’t tell you anything other than you’re about to OUTRUN YOUR SHOES. What size shoes does mino fit in? Does it work for kids?The mino is 2″ wide and 4″ in length. It rests against your heel and extends just under the beginning of your arch. Because the mino can go in any shoe, it would work just fine for adults, young adults, teens and kids.How do I install the mino?It’s so easy - first you need to download an app, install a battery, do some fancy calibration, and call the tech support people at your local library. Kidding!!!!! Peel the adhesive on the back and put it under your sock liners with the HEEL to the heel. Done. Go run
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Rs. 1399