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RTN INDIA CID01 Corded & Cordless Landline Phone


Caller ID Converter or DTMF to FSK ConverterCLI Converter or Caller ID Converter or DTMF to FSK Caller ID Converter is use to Convert Caller ID Formats from DTMF To FSK Formats.It works on Line Voltage hence does not require seperate power supply Required,Compatible with Any Make of EPBX, Key Phone System, Telephone Instruments & other Telephone Devices.Easy to Install, Plug and Play.There are 3 major Caller ID specifications in the world: DTMF, ETSI FSK and Bellcore FSK. When users buy a Foreign Telephone devices (such as cordless phone, fax machine or computer telephony interface), may encounter the problems of non-match for caller ID standard. This will cause the device unable to display the caller ID. CLI Converter can solve this problem easily. This product can receive all 3 kinds of caller ID format, and convert to FSK(Bellcore or ETSI selectable) to match foreign telephone's standard. CLI Converter works on Line Voltage & does not require and separate adaptor or battery.Just plug one end to telephone line, and the other to the telephone device. For example, if you live in Netherlands, Saudi or India, the caller ID standard is DTMF. You purchased a cordless caller ID phone from US (which uses Bellcore FSK standard), or from Germany(which uses ETSI FSK standard). You won't be able to use the caller ID feature. In this case, just get one CLI Converter and connect it between the telephone line and the cordless phone, your cordless caller ID phone will display the caller's number immediately. Connect and Use. Just connect the Telephone Line at one end and Telephone Device at other end.
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