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Philips GC4912/30 (8894 912 30281) Steam Iron


A Perfect Combination Of Steam And Temperature This PerfectCare Azure steam iron from Philips is designed with a Smart Control Processor that sets the right temperature so you don't have to struggle. The Heat Flow technology of the iron provides an even balance between the temperature and steam, to ensure stubborn creases are ironed out quickly. Safe To Use On All Fabrics The PerfectCare Azure steam iron has been tested by Independent iron testing institutes and found to be safe on all fabrics, even the most sensitive ones, like silk and cashmere. A 5 Star Rated Soleplate The T-ionic soleplate has a functional design that includes vent holes to distribute steam evenly. The patented coating lets you glide the iron smoothly over the fabric and enjoy excellent results with no scratches on the durable soleplate. Tap Water Friendly The iron is designed with the Double Active Calc Clean system, a smart combination of Self Clean and Calc Pills. This helps reduce scale build-up, so you can use tap water without having to worry about your iron getting ruined. If want a consistent steam flow while ironing, then sprinkling your clothes with demineralized water is a good option. Switches Off Automatically You don't have to worry about your clothes or the surface of your ironing board getting burnt. The iron will shut automatically within three minutes if left unused on its heel rest and two minutes if left resting on its soleplate. A Slim Tip For Corners That Are Difficult To Reach The Quattro Precision Tip lets you reach into the most difficult corners. You can easily iron the area around the buttons and other corners. The speedy designed shape provides better visibility and the Precision SteamBoost area gives you a focused shot of steam. Your clothes are now going to be crisp and well pressed. Smart Light Feedback Indicator You can easily get to know the status of the iron by glancing at the Smart Light Feedback Indicator. Heats Up Fast The iron consumes 2400 W of power to heat the soleplate quickly.This makes it very convenient when you are in a hurry to iron your shirt. Perfect Amount Of Steam To Remove All Creases The iron has a steam output of 45g per minute and a steam boost of 180g, helping you remove all tough creases from your clothes. Thanks to the uniform distribution of steam, you can smoothen creases quickly.
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