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Beetel M51 Corded Landline Phone


A landline phone can make your life in office a lot easier, preventing you from having to walk from one floor to another in order to speak to different people. This landline phone from Beetel has a slim design and will look very sophisticated on any office table. Numerical Keypad With a numerical keypad, this phone is neat, stylish and lets you punch numbers comfortably. 30 Incoming Calls Memory With a memory of 30 incoming calls, this phone lets you go back and check your past 30 callers, so you can easily get back to a caller whose number you didn’t save. The phone also has a caller ID that lets you see the number of the person calling you. In this way, you can stay away from having to pick calls from callers you want to avoid. Five Outgoing Calls Memory This phone also has a memory of five outgoing calls that lets you see the last five calls you made. This makes it very helpful in a variety of instances. LCD Screen The LCD screen on this phone can display up to 16 digits. The contrast on the screen can be adjusted so you can set the screen to the level of brightness that you find comfortable. With three display lines, items displayed on the screen is neat to look at. Adjustable Ringer Volume The phone also has a switch that lets you adjust the ringer volume. Toggle Mute With the toggle mute feature, you can easily mute your phone when you don’t want the person on the other end of the line to hear what you are saying. This makes it very convenient to have in conference rooms, where incidents like this are common.
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