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Philips HD4929 with Stainless Steel Cookware Set Induction Cooktop


If your busy lifestyle does not allow you to cook healthy food at home, get this induction cooktop from Philips to prepare meals in no time. With the temperature range of 100 to 240 degrees Celsius, this unit lets you cook rice, dal, veggies and non-veg dishes in a few minutes. 6 Preset Cooking Menus You do not need to set time or temperature for cooking dal and rice in a pressure cooker or while making rotis on this cooktop, as it features 6 different preset cooking menus with accurate settings required for these dishes. You can stir-fry veggies or make gravies with these dedicated settings to save time and achieve perfection in your culinary experiments. Push-Button Control Simple-to-use push buttons let you set the desired temperature and time. You can easily increase or decrease them with the buttons marked with the plus and minus signs. Separate controls are provided to turn the unit on or off and to pause the heating process to prevent food from getting overcooked. Compatible Cookwares You do not need to buy separate induction-compatible cookwares as this set includes 2 pots and a frying pan to aid you in cooking.
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